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Abusive language on Social Media data: Through the legal looking glass

In this project, we are training a team of legal experts to label YouTube comments about controversial topics. They will be trained using legal definitions and case law on abusive language. The team will use a scale to label whether the comments are abusive. The scale includes labels to represent comments situated in a grey area.

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Business Model Prevalence in Influencer Marketing on Instagram

This research project brings together expertise from NLP and EU consumer law to make a gap-filling contribution focused on determining which influencer marketing business models can be identified on Instagram, and how users perceive them.

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Swarm bullying

This student research project focuses on the classification and feature extraction of hate speech comments and the detection of swarm behaviour on Youtube, based on an original data set created by collecting comments from influencer videos on YouTube covering different topics and channels.

Influencers and Social Media Recommender Systems

This project looks into the factual practices of recommender systems affecting social media influencers on various platforms and answers the question of under which conditions these practices can be considered unfair in US law and EU law.

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Public justice: Mining user opinions relating to content moderation

This project aims to use machine learning methods to analyse public reactions to content creators on Twitch and Youtube being banned from their respective platforms (or sanctioned in other ways) due to their controversial content.

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Influencer Law Clinic: Working Paper Series

The Working Papers are a collection of high-quality student research conducted by students affiliated with the Influencer Law Clinic

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Instagram Influencer map (Romania)

This research project maps Instagram influencers from Romania with over 100k followers. It proposes a definition for the term ‘influencer’ and a labelling method.

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