Mapping instagram influencers

Instagram influencers over 100k (Romania)

Alex Sotropa, Constanta Rosca, Catalina Goanta

One of the biggest issues with social media at the moment is the opaque nature of how it functions. When it comes to users who make content for a living (content creators/influencers), defining this category is very difficult. Moreover, it is unclear what characteristics influencers have (e.g. what industries they are active in), or even how many users can be labelled as influencers, given that empirical research in this respect remains limited. This project aims to map Romanian Instagram influencers over 100k followers to propose a methodology of defining and labelling influencers. We plan to make the data set available to the public.

Research output

  • Data set
  • Methodology
  • Romanian report

Other resources

  • Comprehensive bibliography list